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Crepes in Laurens, SC, Great Crepes and More, Breakfast in Laurens, SC,  Restaurant in Laurens, SC,



At Great Crepes and More, we believe that crepes should be a delightful experience from start to finish. That's why we prepare every crepe with fresh ingredients, right before your eyes, with our house-made batter. Crepes in Laurens, SC

Crepes in Laurens, SC, Great Crepes and More, Breakfast in Laurens, SC,  Restaurant in Laurens, SC,
About Us


When it comes to culinary innovation, the founders of Great Crepes & More are eager to stand out. Crepes were a natural choice due to their inherent versatility and the sense of novelty they bring. “We love crepes and we believe loving what you do is key to success. Crepes are fun. Crepes are different. We knew we wanted to bring something that you can’t get at every other restaurant. Crepes are versatile. Crepes can be a healthy option and Laurens needs more healthy options.”

The journey that led to Great Crepes & More started in Seacrest Beach, Florida, during the summer of 2021. The Neelys fell in love with crepes and the idea of starting their own creperie began to take shape. Their passion for crepes grew even stronger after a trip to Italy, where they experienced the perfect crepes in a small creperie near Rome. Considering the growth in Laurens, they decided to turn their passion into a business, and thus began the planning process.

Sweet Crêpes

It's sugar, spice, and everything nice served with our Signature House Made Vanilla Whipped Cream.

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** Gluten-Free Options Available **

Say What Now?

How do you properly pronounce the word crêpe? Well it depends... In English, it's perfectly fine to say crepe with the long "a" sound like in the word "APE", however, in French "crêpe" is pronounce "K-R-E-P" (rhymes with YEP).

At our place, we'll accept either of these along with many more, or, as we like to do in the South, create your own!

Our chef is constantly experimenting with new exciting flavor combinations so be sure to ask about our specials!

Crepes catering service in Laurens, SC, Crepes in Laurens, SC, Great Crepes and More, Breakfast in Laurens, SC,  Restaurant in Laurens, SC,
Catering Services

At Great Crêpes and More, we take pride in offering exceptional catering services that bring the delectable flavors of our artisanal crêpes directly to your event. Whether you're planning a corporate gathering, a wedding reception, a birthday celebration, or any special occasion, our catering services are designed to add a touch of elegance and culinary delight to your event.

Call Us For More Information: 864.715.0279

Customer Reviews
"The crepes were awesome! Everyone was so friendly! I can't wait to come back. The Nutella, banana, and strawberry crepe was amazing. And the turkey, bacon, Swiss, and spinach crepe was perfect for lunch. It tasted like a wrap. Hopefully we can pre-order those for kunch during the week. Thanks again! We will be back soon!!!"

~ K. Hall ~


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